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Rebecca Tison's Sferies

One of the greatest desserts in this world is a donut. It's breakfast, it's coffee companion, it's a delicious. A sad truth however, is donuts tend to not be K for P (for my gentile friends, that's kosher for Passover). But, Rebecca has offered a solution with her family recipe of Sferies: Algerian, orange-flavored donuts/beignets.


Yields 20-24 Total cooking time: (10 min prep, 25-30 min cooking)

STEP ONE: In a bowl mix together the matzo flour and the eggs (rotating by adding one tbsp of flour and one egg at a time). Combine well and then add orange juice, salt and cinnamon.

STEP TWO: In a large saucepan heat on a good amount of oil. Once heated add sferies mixture in 1 tbsp at a time. Once done frying, place each sferies on a paper town (for oil absorption.

STEP THREE: In a smaller saucepan (on medium heat), add sugar and water until it is the consistency of syrup.

STEP FOUR: Pour syrup over (or powdered sugar) the sferies and serve warm.

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