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Mateo Levin's Latkes

Who doesn't love latkes? Jewish or not, you have had some form of the golden brown potato pancake. Sour cream and apple sauce lovers rejoice! Latkes are the quintessential Hanukkah food, and if you say otherwise, Mateo and I will personally hunt you down (we mean it) and give you these AMAZING latkes to try.


Serves 8-12, Total cooking time: (40 min prep, 45-50 min cooking)

STEP ONE: Peel the potatoes. Shred them either in a food processor or grinder.

STEP TWO: Shred the onion and dice the parsley.

STEP THREE: Put the potatoes in a colander to drain out the starch- this is VERY important.

STEP FOUR: In the colander mix in the matzo meal. Add the eggs, salt, pepper and onion. Mix well.

STEP FIVE: Heat a wide skillet with vegetable or avocado oil.

STEP SIX: Fry each latke until golden brown. About 7 minutes per side.

STEP SEVEN: Set up a rack to allow the oil to drain and from the latkes to cool.

STEP EIGHT: Serve latkes with apple sauce, sour cream, or creme fresh.

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