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Irene Valger's Eggplant Spread

Originally when I received this recipe, I was under the impression that is was a Russian-Jewish delicacy. I have since found out that it is an Italian dish that my grandmother slowly started incorporating into our family dinners, and eventually holidays. Regardless of its place of origin, this recipe is delicious, light, and goes great with any holiday meal.


Serves 8-12, Total cooking time: (35 min prep, 225 min cooking)

STEP ONE: Dice the eggplant and place in a pot with salt water. Steam for 45 mins.

STEP TWO: Chop the onions and fry then until they are golden brown. Set to the side.

STEP THREE: Skin and chop red bell pepper. Skin and chop tomatoes. Shred carrots. Chop dill and parsley. Set to the side.

STEP FOUR: Drain the eggplant from the salt water. Pour olive oil into a large skillet, add the eggplant. Stir until soft. Add carrots, peppers, garlic, tomatoes, dill, parsley, and onion.

STEP FIVE: Turn skillet on low heat, occasionally stirring over three hours. The vegetables should be tender, thick, and brown in color.

STEP SIX: Season to taste with salt and remove skillet from heat. Allow to cool and chill overnight. Serve at room temperature.

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