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David Valger's Stuffed Chicken

Thanks dad for another fabulous contribution! A stuffed chicken, again which I learned not a traditional Russian delicacy, does still fall under the broader category of Jewish cuisine. A family favorite, it is moist and great to serve as the centerpiece of the meal.


Serves 12, Total cooking time: (35-45 min prep, 45-60 min cooking)

STEP ONE: Mix together the onions, baking powder, and chicken fat in a small bowl.

STEP TWO: Stuff the chicken with the mixture from the bowl. Do no overstuff as the stuffing will expand during the cooking process.

STEP THREE: Cover the chicken with boiling water.

STEP FOUR: Add 3-4 bullion cubes into the pot w/chicken. Boil for 30 minuets.

STEP FIVE: Remove chicken from water. Place into oven with olive oil until golden brown.

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